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Club Constitution & By-Laws


Latest rules applying to Haverhill Indoor Bowls Club

  1. The name of the club shall be” The Haverhill Indoor Bowls Club” (hereinafter called the Club)
  2. The object of the club shall be as follows:
    1. To promote, foster and safeguard the Level Green game of Indoor bowls.
    2. To adopt and enforce the laws of the game as laid down by the British Isles Bowls Council as amended by the English Indoor Bowls Associations.
    3. To hold championships, competitions, leagues representative matches, and such other games as shall be desirable.
  3. The club shall be affiliated to the English Indoor Bowling Association Limited, The Suffolk County Indoor Bowling Association, The Suffolk County Ladies Indoor Bowling Association and the Haverhill Cricket and Sports Club.
  4.  Membership of the club shall consist of the following and must be registered by the signing of the club’s Data Protection Policy:
    1. Persons over the age of 18 years shall be eligible for full membership of the club.
    2. Persons under the age of 18 years shall be eligible for Junior membership of the club.
  5. The Officers of the club shall consist of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer. The club may invite from its full membership or elsewhere a suitable person to be Club President (ex-officio) who may attend committee meetings but not vote.
  6. The club shall be managed by a committee consisting of the following;
    1. The officers of the club.
    2. The Ladies and Men’s Captains of the club.
    3. Six other full members.
    4. The Chairman, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer of the Haverhill Cricket and Sports Club.
  7. The committee shall appoint from amongst the full members a vice-captain or vice captains.
  8. The committee may from time to time make, vary or revoke by-laws not inconsistent with these rules, for the regulation of the internal affairs of the club, and the conduct of the members. All by-laws shall, until revoked, be binding on all of its members.
  9. The committee may from time to time appoint from among their number such sub-committees as they may deem necessary or expedient, and may depute or refer to them such of the powers and duties of the committee as they may determine. Such sub-committees shall have the power to co-opt not more than half their number from full members of the committee. Such sub-committee shall periodically report their proceedings to the committee, and shall conduct their business in accordance with the direction of the committee.
  10. The committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy on the committee from amongst the full members. Any full member so chosen shall retire at the following annual general meeting but shall be eligible for re-election. The proceedings of the committee shall not be invalidated in consequence of there being less than prescribed number.
  11. A vacancy occurring in the Office of Auditor during the ensuring year shall be filled by the committee.
  12. The financial year of the club shall end on the last day of April in each year, to which day the accounts of the club shall be balanced.
  13. The annual general meeting of the club shall be held each year in the month of March, upon a time and date to be fixed by the committee for the following purposes;
    1. To receive from the committee a report, balance sheet and statement of accounts for the proceeding financial year.
    2. To elect the Chairman, vice chairman, honorary secretary, honorary treasurer, men’s and ladies’ captain, and other members of the committee. Three of the committee shall be nominated to the Haverhill Cricket and Sports Club committee. 
    3. To appoint an auditor for the ensuing year, who shall be suitably qualified and not a member of the committee.
    4. To decide on any resolutions this may be submitted to the meeting, as hereinafter provided.
  14. Nominations for the Officers of the club, the Captain and other Committee members shall be submitted to the honorary secretary in writing, signed by both the proposer and seconder at least 4 weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  15. Any full members desirous of moving any resolution at the Annual General Meeting shall give notice thereof to the honorary secretary in writing at least four weeks before   of such meeting.
  16. The committee may at any time for any purpose, call a special general meeting, and shall do so forthwith upon the requisition in writing, of any twenty full members stating the purpose for which the special meeting is required.
  17. At least fourteen days before the annual general meeting or special general meeting, a written notice of such meeting and the business to be transacted shall be available to all members. No business other than that of which the notice has been given shall be brought forward at such meeting. A copy of the audited balance sheet and statement of accounts shall be available to all members at least fourteen days before the annual general meeting.
  18. At all general meetings the chairman, or in his absence the vice chairman, or in the absence of them both a full member selected by the meeting shall take the chair.
  19. At all general meetings each full member shall have one vote.
  20. The chairman, in both general meetings and committee meetings shall in the case of an equality of votes have a second or casting vote.
  21. At general meetings twenty full members shall form a quorum.  At committee meetings seven committee members shall form a quorum. 
  22. Every candidate for admission as a member must provide the club with their full details: Name, Address and Contact Details together with signed Club Membership Application Form agreeing to the club’s stated Data Protection Policies.
  23. The committee shall on the vote of at least two thirds of those present, have the power to expel from the club any member who shall be guilty of conduct which in their opinion, is unbefitting of them to belong to it, without giving any reason thereof.
  24. Any person ceasing to be a member of the club shall forfeit all right to any claim upon the club, its property or funds.
  25. The annual subscription for full members and junior members shall be such sum as shall be fixed from time to time by resolution at the annual general meeting.
  26. All subscriptions shall be due in advance on the opening day of the indoor season, returned together with signed membership application form complete with personal contact details correct at that time.  If the subscription of any member remains unpaid after the first day of November the committee shall have the power to deny the member concerned the privileges of the club.
  27. Any member wishing to resign from the club shall give notice in writing to the honorary secretary before the subscription becomes due, otherwise they will be deemed liable for subscription for that year.
  28. A copy of these rules shall be available to every member of the club.
  29. Every member shall be bound by, and submit to, these rules and by the by-laws of the club, and the rules of the Haverhill Cricket and Sports Club.
  30. These rules may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution at any annual or special meeting provided that no such resolution shall be deemed to have been passed unless it be carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the full members present.
  31. If at any annual or special general meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the club shall be passed by a majority of the full members present, and such a resolution at a special general meeting, held not less than four weeks thereafter at which not less than one half of all full members are present, be carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the full members present thereafter, or at such a future date as shall be specified in such a resolution, the committee shall proceed to realise the property of the club, and after discharge of all liabilities the remaining assets shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the club but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having objects similar.
  32. A sub-committee of lady members shall be approved at the first committee meeting after the annual general meeting to administer those matters concerning Ladies competitions, and other essentially ladies only items including minor financial matters.


  1. Appropriate clothing must be worn.  Standard dress for all games should be predominantly white with grey below.  No jeans are allowed.   However rules should be relaxed if someone fills in at the last moment.  Properly approved coloured tops may be worn by teams competing in games specified by the Committee.
  2. Regulation bowls footwear shall be worn on the green.  Footwear worn outside the building during the indoor season is not permitted on the green.
  3. Running on the green is not permitted.
  4. Drinking on the green including the scoreboard end is strictly forbidden.
  5. Smoking including Vaping is not permitted within the bowls hall
  6. Bowls bags are not allowed to be left at the end of the rinks.
  7. Junior members shall not play unless an adult is present.
  8. Mobile phones and other hand held electronic devices are not allowed to be used on or about the green.  As a courtesy to fellow bowlers please ensure all such devices are switched to Silent within the Bowls Hall.
  9. Health and Safety on the Bowls Green
    1. Bowls waiting play; should be at least a yard and not directly behind the mat.    
    2. If a player shows any sign of illness or unsteadiness during a match it is the team captain or skip’s responsibility to stop the match and the player leave the green, before play can resume.



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