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League & Competition Rules


Latest rules governing games


  1. All games will be played in accordance with the English Indoor Bowling Association laws of the game, but with the following exceptions;
    1. All sessions will be of nominal two hours duration.
    2. All games shall be played by the number of ends being as follows:-
      1. Morning and afternoon triples 14 ends
      2. Wednesday fours 18 ends
      3. Friday fours 16 ends
      4. Evening triples 16 ends
    3. If the jack is under or over bowled then the opposing skip shall place the jack and have the mat replaced at any legal position.
    4. If the jack is knocked beyond the side limits of the rink then it counts as one shot to the opponents and the end shall not be replayed.
    5. Only the skip is permitted to visit the head, and then on only one occasion during each game. Staying at the head whilst the opponent plays their first bowl constitutes a visit under this rule.
    6. The following games are exempt from these time limit rules;     
      1. All National and County representative, league and Individual competition games.
      2. Club competition semi-finals and finals
      3. Club friendlies and other games where the Committee have approved an extended session.
  2. Rink fees shall be decided by the Committee. Rink Fees shall be placed in the purse or envelope provided before the start of each game. Charges for visiting players shall be double that of the appropriate rink fee of club members.
  3. All visitors must be sponsored and signed in by a member in the Visitors book. Visiting players are limited to one game per calendar month. The Committee reserve the right to refuse entry to any visitor.
  4. The green will be fully available for play from early September until late April. Limited play is permitted during other months, but only at times approved by the committee and under the control of a responsible person appointed by the committee. Open play will operate subject to the requirements of the fixture programme.
  5. Notice of requirements for privileged bookings to be given with valid reasons to the honourable secretary in writing. The committee will consider these applications, and they reserve the right to allocate rinks for National, County or other competition and to compensate members losing rinks for these or any other reason. 
  6. If a member has booked a rink and cannot take up the booking or let it privately to another member, he must cancel the booking with the Steward, League Secretary, or secretary at least 72 hours before the scheduled start of the game, or pay the full rink fees.


Club singles, pairs triples and fours competitions will be arranged by the competition secretary and played under the following rules:-

  1. Only registered members of Haverhill Indoor Bowls Club are eligible to enter and play in the club competitions.
  2. Singles will be run under the English Indoor Bowling Association rules. Should any game not be completed at the end of the two hour session then the game may be continued providing the rink is available. If the rink is not available then the game will be interrupted and completed at some other time.
  3. Pairs, Triples and Fours will be run under the English Indoor Bowling Association rules except that the early rounds will be subjected to rules 1a to 1e of “rules governing games’ i.e. maximum of 16 ends or two hours etc.
  4. Any disputes over Club Competitions shall be referred to the Competition Secretary within two days of the disputed game being played, who shall give a ruling within a further five days. Any appeal against this ruling to be lodged with the Club Secretary in writing within a further two days for consideration at the next committee meeting.


Entry to each competition

  1. £2 entry fee per competition plus £2 rink fees each game
  2. No charge for finals 
  3. Singles: 21 shots 
  4. Pairs: 2 hours, semi- final and final 21 ends 
  5. Triples: 2 hours, semi -final and final 18 ends 
  6. Substitutes are allowed in Pairs and Triples up to and including the semi-finals, but must be a member of the club and not have played in that competition before.  No substitutes allowed in singles. 
  7. Any team not complete or more than 15 minutes late will forfeit the game.
  8. All four rinks to be used, picked randomly 
  9. ‘Jack off side of rink’? Timed matches, one shot away.  Matches played to ‘ends’ or ‘shots’ replay end.
  10. All games to have date, time and rink decided 
  11. Games can be brought forward if all agree 
  12. Visiting the ‘head’ is allowed.
  13. Re-arranged games must be played on allocated rinks even if other rinks are available, unless the assigned rink is already allocated for another match. 
  14. All White dress code for semi-finals and finals, including markers.
  15. Markers supplied for singles in semi-finals and finals only.


  1. Only registered members of the Haverhill Indoor Bowls Club are eligible to play in the Club leagues
  2. Leagues to consist of Divisions as required to be run on a promotion and relegation basis, details to be decided by the committee to keep the teams in divisions equal.
  3. In triples leagues a minimum of 6 players must be registered. In fours leagues a minimum of 7 players may register.  In double triples or fours a minimum of eight players must be registered.
  4. All players must be registered by the Team Captain at the start of the season. A player who has not paid their subscriptions by 1st November is not eligible to play in any club league game. A team including an ineligible player will have the result declared void and the points awarded to the opponents.
  5. Teams that default by not turning up means that the opposing team may claim the points by paying the appropriate green fee, with the defaulting team(s) imposed a two point penalty. Teams that default by phone means that the opposing team may claim the points by paying the appropriate green fee on the day the game should be played, unless a rearranged date for that game is agreed between captains.  When a team cannot fulfil a fixture it is the duty of the defaulting captain to inform the opposing team’s captain at the earliest opportunity. Teams that do not play on the scheduled day will have 7 days to arrange a new date.  The revised date must be entered into the book and the secretary notified.  Teams that do not reschedule within the 7 days, the Secretary will arrange a date within a further 7 days and the Team captains notified by phone.  Any team captain who cannot be contacted by phone will lose allotted points. The revised date set by the secretary will be non-negotiable and must be met by both team captains.
  6. If a team is a player short at the commencement of a game they shall not refuse to play but will play as follows:
    1. In triples the defaulting team shall play with 7 bowls.  The lead playing 4 bowls in the approved order, the skip playing 3 bowls as normal.
    2. In fours the defaulting team shall play with 8 bowls.  The lead playing 3 bowls, the second playing 3 bowls and the Skip with 2 bowls as normal.  One quarter of the total shots scored by the defaulting team shall be deducted at the end of the game, fractions taken into account to determine the result of the game.
    3. The lead of the end team winning the previous end or toss shall      cast the Jack, but the lead of the triple shall deliver the first bowl
  7. All score cards for the league games to carry the following information:
    1. League title and division
    2. Team names and numbers
    3. Date and time
    4. All players
    5. Detailed score
    6. Signature from both teams
  8. For all league games, 2 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw.  For Double Triples these will be for each rink and additional points will be awarded for the combined total of the two rinks, 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.
  9. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winning teams in each league at the end of the season.
  10. Any disputes over league games shall be referred to the league secretary within 2 days of the disputed game being played who shall give a ruling within a further 5 days.  Any appeal against this ruling to be lodged with the club secretary in writing within a further 2 days for consideration at the next committee meeting.
  11. All skips will be present at the end of the rink where the cot has been cast to before play commences.  Failing this the person who attends the end to represent the skip will remain skip for the duration of the game.



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